Welcome to Allbildelar i Västerås

We sell used car parts, tires and wheels, have a fully equipped tire center and tire hotel and take care of scrap cars. We dismantle vehicles of the brands Volvo, Renault and Dacia and cooperate with insurance companies as well as the municipality. Here you can see who we are.

As a member of the Swedish Car Recyclers Association (Sveriges Bilskrotares Riksförbund, SBR) we contribute to a sustainable development of car recycling in Sweden. We constantly strive to achieve optimal recovery from our cars.


At times like these we all have to do what we can to slow the spread of covid-19.

  • Stay at home if you feel sick.
  • Keep 1.5 metres away from others.
  • Only visit our store if necessary.
  • Stay outside the shop while you wait on tire change.

Thank you for your consideration!

Used parts

When looking for a specific vehicle part, you can browse through our vast stock of spare parts. You can search both Laga and Bildelsbasen. Search through our stock here:


When you have found the part you need, please contact us by phone and state the part's stock number, e. g. W175355. This will let us know what part you want to order.

You will find our contact information on the right.

Applicable guarantees

The supplied products are used, and they are sold as they are with a guarantee of one month. As for faults, the seller is responsible towards the customer only if the product is considered to be defective according to the Swedish Consumer Sales Act. To be entitled to invoke an error, the customer must communicate its claim within a reasonable time.

Quality, environmental and safety policy

The operations of Allbildelar i Västerås shall promote the environment and only deliver parts of a quality that meets our customers' expectations. Our work shall be accomplished with a sense of complete awareness of the importance of integrating the environment with quality, work environment, economy and technique. Allbildelar i Västerås also plans to introduce new methods for lowering the environmental impact from processes and waste.

Therefore we:

  • work according to ISO9001 and 14001- and are continuously following up on environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements regarding our business.
  • increase the degree of reuse and recovery of scrapped cars.
  • continuously upgrade our environmental policies according to predetermined goals.
  • conserve energy and materials as well as avoid waste.
  • educate and involve all employees in our work for the environment.
  • openly report facts about the environment.
  • guarantee an environmentally correct handling.
  • make a quality assessment of all parts in connection with each sale according to the systems' quality classes.
  • hire employees with their skills, and not their gender, in mind. This also applies to the setting of salaries.

Our quality, environmental and safety policy is public.

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